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Greetings from Neptune 

Helping Hand

What is Neptune? 

Neptune is a planet in our solar system that is used as a symbol for many spiritual themes. In astrology, Neptune rules the 12 house of the unconscious or the unseen. The 12TH house is unique because it represents things about ourselves we may not be aware of and sometimes on a lower energy level our own delusions. The zodiac sign that represents the planet Neptune is Pisces.The 12TH house or Neptune is unique because it is one of the 3 water houses in astrology. The water houses in astrology all deal with our emotions, which are intangible and are sometimes difficult to understand for ourselves as well as others.

Although we name our unconscious energy Neptune, we can understand Neptune better by understanding how Neptunian things appear in our natural worlds. Look at the photos above, each photo portrays some aspect of the mysterious Neptune.

Neptune/12TH house themes rule: Clouds, The Ocean, Sand, Reflections, Mushrooms, Mermaids, Rainbows, Fairies, Getting Lost, Confusion, Illusions, Love, Spirituality.

Remember many Neptune themed things even in nature can be very elusive or can distort the reality of some things. For example, bodies of water may be much deeper than you expect when you attempt to swim or rainbows and clouds in the sky all make shapes that disappear as fast as they appear. You can’t touch clouds, but their presence is seen we change our plans when things looks stormy but the clouds are actually not tangible objects. These are examples of the beauty and the mystery of Neptune and sometimes our own subconscious.

“It’s not what you look at what matters, it’s what you see”

Henry David Thoreau


Who are the OG Neptunian’s?

The OG Neptunian’s started from soul sisters Starfish and Lunafish’s creative and imaginative endeavors. Starfish and Lunafish have used their creative and imaginative abilities for healing not just themselves but others as well. Both Lunafish and Starfish have strong Pisces placements in their natal charts which amplifies the powers of Neptune when combined! Pisces is the Zodiac sign that rules Neptune hence the name OG Neptunians. The OG Neptunians hope to spread the magic of self-reflection through creativity and self-expression. Come and explore the healing waters of Neptune with the OG Neptunians because everyone needs a fish in their life!     

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